Offspring of dominant chimpanzee mothers normally develop into dominant adults while passive mothers rear passive chimpanzees.

This book lays open how and why the dominance level of a human mother commonly settles in advance the adult achievement needs of her child.

And why dominant successful men in first-time marriages ordinarily prefer nondominant women who rear "under-achievers."

And why high achievers are the offspring of dominant mothers who usually choose nondominant men in first-time marriages.

Untangling the success factor and dismantling "genetic regression" invokes ire or insight or both.

Success is no accident.


Dominant chimpanzee females cannot control their fertility; the ratios of dominance to passivity remain relatively static generation to generation.

Dominant human females can and do control their fertility, particularly during periods of boundless affluence.

When dominant women en masse choose career success to the exclusion of child rearing, illiteracy multiplies, discipline disappears and crime cannot be controlled.

Leadership dwindles and trade balances decline.

Commercial, financial and political corruption anticipate bankrupties, worthless currency and civil unrest. This stage in the cycles of history varies little.

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Foreword by Terrell H. Bell, President Ronald Reagan's first Secretary of Education
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