America's Man on Horseback

A Fable?
This book is not for everyone.
Consider this: Do you believe that during the next fifteen years social conditions will A) improve, B) remain about the same, C) worsen some, or D) worsen greatly? If you answered A, B, or C, read no further. If you answered D, read on.

America's Man on Horseback is an inflammatory, politically incorrect book - humor for those who think, horror for those who feel. Using a historical paradigm, Guy Odom predicts that present-day social conditions - decline in education, drunk driving "accidents," illegal immigration, illegal drug use, financial scams, gang warfare, robbery, rape, murder, HIV infections, race riots, corrupt politicans, inflation and foreign terrorism - will worsen tenfold by the year 2013. This deterioration makes a strongman - a "man on horseback" to rein in an out-of-control nation - plausible and perhaps attractive. A historically sound proposition, but a first for America. Odom applies his own biting brand of Machiavellian and Swiftian logic in writing to the future President of the United States. He delineates the causes of America's decline, then counsels on actions to build an American Empire. Outrageous? Yes. Boring? No! This book is sure to awaken dormant thoughts of unease brought about by the decadence and corruption narcotizing our nation. It offers a catharisis to those harmed by current conditions. It may provide the thoughtful and receptive with insights on how to protect themselves and their families from future, unimaginable horrors and vicissitudes.

Guy Odom

Beaufort Books, NY - ISBN 0-8253-0501-2 - 207 pages - $21.95.
Author of Mothers, Leadership, and Success




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