America's Man on Horseback


MAN ON HORSEBACK: "A military figure who presents himself as the savior of the country during a period of crisis and either assumes or threatens to assume dictatorial powers." - The Random House Dictionary of the English Language.

INTRODUCTION: Only time will determine whether America's Man on Horseback is overstatement or understatement, fable or prophecy, cynicism or truth, demagoguery or enlightenment, horror or humor - satire or reality. - From Page 1

Today, President William Clinton sits in the Oval Office, inflation is "under control," and the stock market regularly sets new highs. (In spite of this, more than a few sophisticated investors, particularly older ones, realize that no stock market rises forever...)

In America's Man on Horseback, I anticipate that conditions will worsen ten times by 2013. Instead of one-at-a-time race riots in Los Angeles, New York, or the District of Columbia, sack-and-burn racial anarchy will expolde in ten major cities simultaneously. There will be ten times as many corrupt politicians holding office and ten times as many financial scams. Inflation will increase tenfold. Gang warfare, illegal drug use, murder, rape, robbery, and terroisim will be ten times as bad.

Of course this grim scenario contradicts the majesty of 1998 America, with its modern communications, resplendent technology, conspicuous wealth, and the "safety" of mutual fund investments, which most Americans believe make "today" so much different and better than "yesterday." So who but a fool could make a comparison between this magnificent achievement and other great, but failed, societies? Perhaps too many pay attention to the obscure and too few the obvious. - From Pages 2-3


Excerpt from [CHAPTER ONE] Greetings and Salutations

Excerpt from [CHAPTER THREE] America's Accelerating Decline

Excerpt from [CHAPTER FOUR] Flatulence and Mendacity

Excerpt from [CHAPTER SEVEN] Ending Crime, Riots, and Lawlessness

Excerpt from [CHAPTER TWENTY] Accountability for the Past

Excerpt from [CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO] Selecting New Territories

Excerpt from [CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE] The Conquest of Mexico

Guy Odom


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