America's Man on Horseback


CHAPTER FOUR: Flatulence and Mendacity

While disliking to expel bodily gases in public, honest people will always choose to let a fart than tell a lie. Politicians, devoid of the truth, have a horror of letting a public fart, but they crave audiences to which they can tell lies. - From Page 37

Since 1964, as each respective bill passed into law, enough American lawmakers to constitute a majority knew when they voted how the cumulative effect would bring harm to the United States. - From Page 37

During the five to six generations it takes for a lethal infection to adapt a sustained tolerance to a new virus, thousands of innocent Americans would die from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom. - From Page 38

Granting amnesty to millions of Hispanic aliens living illegally in the United States would not stem the tide of new illegal immigrants; instead, it would tax municipal services and the welfare system. - From Page 38

Repeatedly shifting the base year to determine inflation and continually changing the inflation formulas would trick the public... Inflation would not be contained and hyperinflation would result. - From Page 39

Democracy in Russia would not prevail, and a dictator would reclaim most, if not all, lost territories. - From Page 40

Politicians worshiped themselves first, last, and most of all. A popular catchphrase among them, "Not on my watch," expressed their contempt for the concerns of the nation... - From Page 41


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