America's Man on Horseback


CHAPTER THREE: America's Accelerating Decline

Lawmakers knew that the average person's ability to control the conditions of his life would decrease, but they were unconcerned. Instead they worked hard to find dupes. This is why politicians could never look at one another without laughing; each knew the other shared an equal interest in presenting a pompous public countenance to give importance to the deceits they perpetrated. - From Page 28

Whether done blindly to gain votes or knowingly to control the populace, politicians espoused the mores of decadence and dismantled the values of an earlier and more responsible America...

At the insistence of politicians, public schools set goals to eliminate "dropouts," thereby increasing the flow to colleges. American officeholders knew that successful societies from the past also catered to the unlearned by creating undemanding universities for dunces who could not benefit from advanced education. - From Page 29

Throughout history public servants of failed civilizations distributed public largess during periods of affluence through welfare to the indolent and shiftless in order to buy their votes and attempt to purchase civil peace. - From Page 32

Congressional officeholders were worse than the slimy incubi of earlier times. At the same time, they exploited and gulled honest, though gullible, Americans. Politicians had become pimps for a decadent America. - From Page 34


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