America's Man on Horseback


CHAPTER ONE: Greetings and Salutations

Welcome, Mr. President. America has watched and waited ten generations for your arrival!

With the histories of failed civilizations on my side, I expect your inauguration to take place around the year 2013. It is doubtful, though possible, that you will arrive earlier, but surely no later than 2029. Chaotic conditions make it so.

Your defenders laugh and tell funny stories while the opposition cries foul. As you savor your inauguration, your enemies denounce you as America's first dictator. Your supporters celebrate and proclaim you the deliverer and the emancipator. Some of your more revenge-minded followers hail you as the prosecutor.

But you are above politics. You are America's Man on Horseback. You act, not merely talk. - From Page 7


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Excerpt from [CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO] Selecting New Territories

Excerpt from [CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE] The Conquest of Mexico

Guy Odom


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